Hiring Guidelines

The time from submitting a resume until a hiring decision is made may be a few weeks,or several months depending on the position and availability. Please let  your hiring recruiter know of any issues affecting your availability. Applicants who reach the interview stage will be notified if the position is filled by another individual or couple. Generally, our hiring process proceeds as follows:


  1. Resume Submission
    A resume including contact information, education, job history, professional licenses/certificates and personal narrative (optional) may be submitted with or without a indicating a specific position. However, applying for a specific job opportunity will expedite the hiring process. Receipt of resumes are acknowledged by email. If no email exists, a postcard will be sent.
  2.  Screening
    A department director or hiring recruiter reviews all resumes indicating or appropriate to a position and determines which applicants will be contacted.
  3. Phone Interview
    A Sunshine Acres representative may call to ask for further information including specific skills or job experience, availability, housing and/or salary requirements when applicable.
  4. Interview
    (A) Scheduling: A representative will call to arrange a time for you to visit Sunshine Acres Children’s Home. If necessary, travel arrangements may be made. When possible, a formal application will be sent to be completed prior to the interview.(B) Agenda: When you arrive, a representative will greet you and give you a tour of our facility. Depending on the position, please expect to have two to four meetings with department managers and/or directors. In some cases, candidates may be asked to return for additional interviews prior to a final hiring decision.
  5. Background & Drug Screen
    Sunshine Acres conducts a background check on candidates  including verification of information provided on the application and criminal  background check. A standard drug screening will also be done at this stage, which may be conducted by a third party. This is considered a routine (though vital) compliance phase and if all information returns as acceptable, a job offer will be made.
  6. Offer
    A formal job offer will include duties and expectations as well as starting salary, and summary of benefits and their costs. A deadline for acceptance may be set (generally not more than 7-10 days).
  7. Hiring
    After you accept the offer, a start date will be set (usually a Monday). Depending on the position, employee orientation may last from a few days to your first two weeks.

Online Appllication